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Random Student Chooser Template

Random Student Chooser Template

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CLICK HERE (http://goo.gl/fvztE3) for a template to randomly call on students.

This template is created in Google Sheets. If you are logged into your Google account you can use the File menu to make a copy.

Notice at the bottom there is a tab labeled “Roster.” Click on this tab to enter the list of names of your students. You can use this for each period you teach or for different groups you might have. Delete the default student names and enter in the names of your students.

Back on the first tab (Chooser) select the period you are randomly drawing from and a random name from the list will appear.

The spreadsheet uses a random number formula. The formula must be refreshed in order to generate a new name. You can refresh the page or type something into the spreadsheet.  A box is provided to allow you to type a word. Type a new word in the box to generate a new random name. Suggestion to type a vocabulary word or something meaningful if you are projecting the random student chooser.


Instead of entering in student names into the roster page you could instead list discussion prompts or vocabulary words.

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