Tweet to a Group: A Shortcut

I was sent a request on Twitter the other day for how to send a tweet to 6 people without having to type in their twitter handle every time. In other words, how do you set up groups to tweet out to the groups.

There may be other ways, but I just made a spreadsheet to accomplish this.

The above link will open up a spreadsheet template. If you make a copy you can type in the twitter handle of up to 6 people into columns G to L. Columns M and N allow you to pre-set a hashtag. Note, the spreadsheet will automatically add the @ symbol and the # key.

Once you have pre-set up your groups of 6 and your hashtag you now have a template to make it easy to send out a tweet to the group. Type your message into columns C, D, E or F and then click on the “Click Here to Tweet” link in column B.

Note that the character count is only an estimate. Once you click on the “Click Here to Tweet” a link to a hyperlink will appear and you will want to click on that. This will generate a tweet that you can edit before you hit submit.

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