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Students Sharing Content with Teacher using Smart Phones or Tablets

Students Sharing Content with Teacher using Smart Phones or Tablets


Many students have cell phones that can take pictures and shoot video. If you have students using the cell phones for collecting media, how do they share the pictures and video with you?

One way is for them to email the pictures directly to a class picasa album. Students can also email the pictures directly to the class YouTube account.


Going to Picasa web, in the settings, choose to allow to upload photos by email checkbox. Enter a secret word and an email address will be generated automatically for you. However, the email address is really ugly. Something like 602856219240920369453.secretword@picasaweb.com. Asking students to remember this email address, let alone type it in correctly would be a ridiculous task.




YouTube allows students to email in videos. It also gives an equally ugly email address for students. Click Here for my previous blog post on how to obtain the YouTube mobile upload email. The email is automatically created and available on the YouTube settings page.


While both of these sharing ideas seem like a good idea to get all of the student content into one account, getting the students to use the correct email addresses feels like a disaster waiting to happen. My solution is to create a contact card that contains my teacher Gmail account, my class Google Voice phone number, the email address for Picasa, the email address for YouTube and the class website. Sharing the vcard with my students allows them add all of this information into their phone at once. When they shoot a picture and want to share it to the class album, they simply choose to send via email and choose me from their contacts.

QR Code

One way to distribute the vcard is to create a QR code. The students simply need to scan the QR code with their smart phone and all of the contact information will be added to their contacts. I used the QRafter Pro app to create the QR code. After creating the contact in my own contacts, I simply had to click create in the app and choose contact card from my own address book.

Sample contact card created in address book:


Choose to create a Contact Card:

Select from Address Book:
Save QR code and post to class website:

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