More and more I am loving my chromebook.  It is super light weight, boots in 8 seconds. Most of what I do is web based anyway. I use a lot of Google Docs so the chromebook suits my needs for so many things. At $249 for the samsung series 3, it is a fantastic deal. Sure there are things the chromebook does not do, for example I can not install things. Every device has pluses and minuses, for $249… I am not going to complain.

One complaint I have seen from people is that you can not screencast on a chromebook. Sure, I wish I had snagit or camtasia for the chromebook, but the fact that I can not use those or other screencasting tools does not mean I can not screencast. Try using a Google Hangout on Air (GHO). If you have never used a GHO, this is a video conferencing tool that is pretty darn cool. It allows you to video conference with colleagues, screenshare, share documents, collaboratively watch YouTube videos and wear a digital mustache. A Google Hangout on Air broadcasts your hangout to YouTube and saves the recording to your YouTube account.

Step 1:

Go to and click on upload

Step 2:

Choose the Google Hangout on Air button on the right hand side.

Step 3:

You can invite others to screencast with you so you are not so awkward on video, but here is what is cool… you can do a Google Hangout, BY YOURSELF! You do not have to invite anyone!

Step 4:

Click “Start Broadcast” button. It takes a couple of minutes to have the broadcast start, so be patient.

Step 5:

On the left hand side of the GHO is an option for “Screenshare.” Click on this to screencast your computer. What I love about this is I can toggle the screenshare on and off. I can mix between my face sharing information and screencasting my computer. Adding a face to your instruction can help student engagement and connection with the class.

Step 6:

Click the “End Broadcast” button.

Step 7:

Go to and go to your video manager.  The video you just created is automatically uploaded to YouTube.

Step 8:

If you want to edit your screencast you can edit it just like you can any YouTube video. Click on the edit icon to trim the beginning and end points, add annotations and other features.

Optionally you can set your video to be creative commons and use to edit your video more specifically, splice it with other videos and more. YouTube video editor is a nifty video editing tool, if you have never used it, check it out. Note that it only works with creative commons videos.




Received an email from Skiblz Lab that they had a chrome extension that would allow for screen recording. Click Here to install the extension.

After installing the extension you simply click on the icon and it immediately starts recording. Click on the icon again to stop the recording. If you download the video you have unlimited recordings. If you want to save the videos to their website you can have up to 10 free per month. Otherwise there is a paid premium version.

As of right now there is no audio on the recording. The color capture was not correct, so if you are trying to do screencasting of art I would say this is not the way to go. I was able to download the video and upload it to YouTube.

The extension is not perfect, but it is a start at having a fully HTML5 screen capture tool.

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