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Adding an Embed Code to a Google Site

Adding an Embed Code to a Google Site

If you use Web 2.0 tools there is a possibility that what you create can be embedded in a Google Site.

Step 1:

In your Web 2.0 tool find where you can publish and obtain the embed code.  This procedure will vary from tool to tool.  Copy the embed code (control C)

Step 2:

Go to your Google Site and find the page you want to insert the content on.

Step 3:

While editing the page type in **INSERT CODE HERE** where essentially you are yelling at yourself  for where you want the video to be located.

Step 4:

In the toolbar is an option for <HTML>, click on this option to toggle to HTML view.

Step 5:

Locate the **INSERT CODE HERE** within the code.  Highlight this phrase and replace it (control V – paste) with the embed code.  Click the update button.  What you embedded will likely not be visible until you click on the save button for the page.

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