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Rubric Scoring – a template

Rubric Scoring – a template
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Many of us use a rubric to assess student work and projects. I am into saving time so I like to use spreadsheets to calculate things for me quickly.

When doing a rubric scale it is important to realize it does not translate to a percentage. For example when you rate a 2 out of 5 on the rubric scale that is not 2/5 (40%).  The spreadsheet I created allows you to determine what percentage you want each rubric score to calculate into.

Probably you do not want each rubric criteria item to weight equally either.  Has a header probably should not weigh the same as used critical thinking so I included a column to over ride the equal weighting of criteria.

I made a quick YouTube video taking a tour of the rubric

YouTube video

Click Here to get a copy of the 5 point rubric

Click Here to get a copy of the 3 point rubric

Click Here to get a copy of the 4 point rubric

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11 thoughts on “Rubric Scoring – a template

  1. First off thank you for your template. I copied your 4 point template and watched your tutorial to see if there were any issues. I cannot get tabs for all the student placeholders you created(40 I believe). When I change view(to List) and can see that you set it up this way. Is this a Google issue? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

      1. Thank you for your time Alice. Thank you! I can’t get it to work with Google Chrome, but in Internet Explorer it runs like a charm. Again, thanks for your contributions to help others. People like you make this country and world better.

  2. Thank you so much for this! But I’m finding that if I enter a value less than two (1, 1.5, etc.) in the student score column, the overall percentage grade does not calculate– it just reads “N/A.” How can I get around this?

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