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Creating Animation with Apple Keynote

Interested in flipped classroom? One element that is possibly key to flipping instruction is creating videos to give students the basic instructions to free up class time to do higher level thinking.

Start by looking into your webcam and making short instruction videos. Keep it simple or you’ll get burned out.

Once you’re ready to kick your videos up a notch adding animation to your videos can add a little more fun and learning. Animation can give additional understanding than just talking into the webcam.

My tool of choice is keynote on the Mac. Keynote alone is a good reason to run out and buy a Mac. The ability to create videos using keynote makes creating instructional videos a snap as well as snappy looking.

Create a slideshow in Keynote. Under the file menu is the option to record slideshow. This will record your voice and the pacing of your slideshow. I then export the recording to YouTube.

*Note, if you’re like me you’ll mess up the first take.  You will need to File->Clear Recording and then File-Record Slideshow again.

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