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Hooking up Apple TV

Hooking up Apple TV

Brand new Apple TV fresh out of the box. Plugged it into the wall and attached to a TV via HDMI cable.

If I was using an LCD projector the projector needs to have an HDMI slot, or you need an adaptor. Kanex makes an HDMI to VGA adaptor. It is available on amazon.

Middle button on remote hold it down. This is your on off button.

You will want to get the Apple TV connected to the network.
Be careful about doing this around students, they will be able to see you put in the password.

Note: Your devices need to be on the same network as the Apple TV.

New to do an update.
Update software

If you want to connect to your computer you will want a newer (2009+) MAC running Mountain Lion. There should be an airplay icon along the top.

If you have a PC or older MAC you can use Air Parrot to mirror your desktop.

To connect to your iPad2 or new iPad or iPhone double tap the home button to start multi-tasking. Your recent apps will display at the bottom. Swipe the icons to the right until you see the AirPlay icon icon. Tap this icon. Enable AirPlay mirroring.  Note that you will have to tap this icon twice.  Once to enable AirPlay and then again to switch the slider to turn ON mirroring.

When mirroring you may want to double tap and swipe once the icons on the bottom. Notice to the left of the play icons is a rectangle with a round arrow. Tapping on this locks your screen orientation.


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Thank you to Jon Corippo for sharing his Apple TV wisdom with me. You can view his slides from ISTE at http://rockstarteacher.us


2 thoughts on “Hooking up Apple TV

  1. This makes it all sound so easy. Unfortunately, our Enterprise wireless network made this more cumbersome. We have 1:1 iPads trying to connect with the AppleTV, but they could never find it. Ended up buying the Bonjour Gateway from Aerohive. Cost about $800 per school site (just one needed per school), but then all Apple TVs worked just fine.

  2. Laura, we are having nightmares with our AppleTVs on our managed Cisco WiFi network. if I can find a fix (will look into Bonjour Gateways/configs) it would be a huge accomplishment for us. Our teachers want to throw them at me right now, the way they are performing.

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