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Add someone else’s Google Presentation into your Google Site

Add someone else’s Google Presentation into your Google Site

My preferred method of presenting is to maintain a Google Site and to embed a Google Presentation into the site.  For teaching I run my class off of the Google Site page I created (announcement style page).  What is nice about this is when I use the insert menu in my Google Site, I can simply choose Insert->Presentation and a list of my Google Presentations that I made comes up.

However, I remember the words of Harry Wong who tells us to “steal steal steal.” So rather than make my own Presentation, I will “steal” a presentation another teacher made.

Once you locate a Google Presentation, copy the URL of the presentation.

On your Google Site while you are editing the page go to the insert menu and choose Presentation.  Instead of choosing one of your own presentations from the list look BELOW the list.  There is a box for you to paste in a URL.

Paste the URL of the Google Presentation and click the blue select button.

Save the page, the borrowed Presentation should be embedded.


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