Microsoft lost my loyalty a long time ago when they started making defaults that no one I know wants (Who wants blue lines in PowerPoint?!).  I try to exclusively use Google Docs.  (I’m not 100% there but I am getting there).

I have found many advantages to doing all of my documents in Google Docs. By doing my lesson plans in Google Docs not only do I have easy access to them at work, home and on the road with my phone, but am able to invite collaborators to help me refine ideas.

By utilizing the Google Equation Editor, Google Draw and the insert menu I can create my math tests in Docs.

When math tests were on Word or PDF I found more than once I had given an old version of the test to my class.  Before almost every test I would get at least one email from a teacher asking if I had the test.  In addition, no matter how many times teachers across the district proofed a test there would inevitably be a typo.  Sometimes we left the typo because it was too difficult to disseminate it across the district again.

If instead the tests were created in Google Docs and put in a shared folder for viewing teachers across the district would always be able to have the current version and if any typos were found they could be corrected and immediately every teacher would have the updated version.  They would not have old version… only the current versions, so no more accidentally printing out old tests.

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