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Rotating Prezi

Rotating Prezi

I have been interested in using Prezi for awhile. I started one awhile back when I had about a 1 hour deadline to create a presentation and realized it was more complicated than I could do in the time period.

At yesterdays #coffeecue one attendee was working on a presentation and inadvertently had the canvas rotated 45 degrees.  After a Google search we were able to determine that she had accidentally hit the 3 key.

Press the 3 key and the canvas will rotate to the left.

Press the 4 key and the canvas will rotate to the right.

This does not change your presentation at all, just your view of the canvas while you are editing.

FYI: For those of you whose students have iPads there is a free  iPad app to allow for viewing of Prezi presentations.

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  1. Thanks for the tip! I had not discovered those short cuts. I used Prezi quite a bit a year + ago. I went to use it two weeks ago and I found the new controls time consuming., imhad to relearn it. Some transfer, but a lot of relearning. Not sure i still like it…. #gtawa2011

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