If you want to insert an image into your Google Spreadsheet you will want to use the formula: =image(“url”)

Type the formula right into the cell in the spreadsheet.  Make sure you start with an equals sign. You will also need quotations around your URL.

My favorite trick is to use www.tinygrab.com and take a screenshot. The URL is automatically uploaded to my clipboard. (Note: make sure you choose private grabs in the tinygrab control panel) This makes is very quick to insert pictures into my spreadsheet if the image is not already on the web.

If you just use the formula =image(“URL”) then the image is shrunk down to fit in the cell. If you use =image(“URL”,2) the image is stretched to fit in the cell.  If you use =image(“URL”,3) the image is regular size so part of your picture might be cut off.  If you use =image(“URL”,4,height,width) you can set the number of pixels manually for the height and width of your image.

[gdocs type=’spreadsheet’ st_id=’0AiqrAI5UxSJNdHo3QWZzcjJOQ2ZZSU5xNmQyVkQxS1E’ wt_id=’od7′]

Click Here to view my sample spreadspreadsheet with images

[gdocs type=’spreadsheet’ st_id=’0AiqrAI5UxSJNdDBrZlZlRGlReGxKSEZ1OXRIQVdCU0E’ wt_id=’od6′]

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