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Paperless Is Not a Pedagogy

Alice Keeler

On the verge of an epic win

On the verge of an epic win


This video is fantastic, I might have to carry it around with me everywhere I go and show poor helpless strangers in line with me at the grocery store. I got turned onto the educational value of gaming while at Full Sail University.  My gaming professor, Dr. Siegel, had us play games such as DnD (a very watered down version), runescape, and most epically World of Warcraft.  I did not consider myself a gamer so this was not a class I looked forward to.  Surprisingly this experience really energized me as I realized how gaming strategies really are applicable to the classroom. So now I am working on course outlines for teaching a leadership and a math class using gaming strategies. Now… how to get that World of Warcraft class started at my school.


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