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Avatars and Logos

Avatars and Logos

For summer school this year I have decided to have a student take his notes onto a wiki instead of onto paper.  This way I can post those notes for my students next year to use and I am hoping it will be helpful for my future students.

I had my student (Alex) create an avatar on http://www.faceyourmanga.com/

When he makes notes on the site I have him put his avatar next to his work.  I can then go in and put my own comments and I put my logo next to it. As other students may add to the body of work they can put their avatar or logo next to their work.  It is great because they get recognition for their contributions to the body of work.

I am also using this method with an online stats student, he summarizes the lesson next to his avatar, and then I ask questions based on what he wrote next to my logo and he answers back next to his avatar, it is a great back and forth conversation about the curriculum. Personally, I am very excited about it.

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