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Stalking ISTE 2011

Stalking ISTE 2011

I did not get to attend ISTE this year, good thing there is twitter. Here are some quotes from ISTE twitter posts.

3 thoughts on “Stalking ISTE 2011

  1. Alice,
    I attended ISTE last year in Denver. Wow! I will click on a few of your web 2.0 tools and ideas listed and try them out. I worked as an ISTE volunteer and attended as many pre-1/2 day and full-day workshops. What a fabulous conference.

    1. You get to be my first official non spam comment! Thanks for checking out my blog. I am continuing to add comments to this blog post. I’m hoping it will be a good resource for me later 🙂 Also, you should get an idea of the kinds of things I am into since I am hand picking the tweets 🙂

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