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Alice Keeler

Shift – Tab

Shift – Tab

If the word “tab” is not rubbing off of your keyboard then you are probably not as efficient at filling out forms on webpages as you should be! When filling out an online form do not use the mouse to put fill in each part of a form, the tab key is your friend.

TAB! This will take you from one field to the next. Fill in your information, then hit TAB! Do not touch the mouse!

And on that note… did you know that SHIFT TAB will take you backwards?
Sometimes I find that I need to go back and correct a field, or that I hit tab too many times accidentally.  Shift Tab will take you BACKWARDS in the form to previous fields.

And while I am talking about using tab, when you tab to a field and it highlights the whole field you do NOT need to hit the delete key, just start typing and what is in the field will automatically be deleted.

Now, don’t you feel more efficient already 🙂

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