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Paperless Is Not a Pedagogy

Alice Keeler

Popsicle Sticks Form

A Google Forms™ Add-on to randomly select one response. Set the first question to be the students name. The second question is the response. COPPA and FERPA compliant. Collects NO User Data. NO PII.

Instead of having students raise their hand, giving the impression of wanting a fast response rather than a thoughtful response, allow ALL students to thoughfully participate.

Use the same Google Form™ repeatedly to have students share their thoughts about the question posed. Use the Puzzle Piece Add-on menu to select “Popsicle Sticks Form” to randomly choose one of the submitted responses.

This has the same effect of randomly calling on students to share their answer. However, randomly calling on students is anxiety producing and can cause fight or flight panic for some students. Thus, publicly not able to provide their most thoughtful response. First, give all students time to think and respond to the question. Then use the Add-on to randomly call on a student to expand on their thoughtful response.

This also allows ALL students to participate rather than the one or two who raised their hand.

After randomly selecting a student response from the responses, use the Add-on menu to remove the responses from the Form™. This allows you to reuse the same Form over and over as a method for having students participate when a question is asked in class.

Suggestion to connect a Google Sheets™ spreadsheet on the responses tab to capture the student participation. This preserves everyones participation.


  1. Create a Google Form™
  2. Add a question for student name
  3. Add a question for student response to a question
  4. Optional: Click on the Responses tab and connect a spreadsheet to save all student responses.
  5. Students respond to your question
  6. Use the Puzzle Piece Add-on menu to select Popsicle Sticks Form
  7. Select “Random Response” to choose a random response from a student that is displayed in a pop up.
  8. Repeat “Random Response” as many times as you want to select a student response.
  9. Choose “Ask a new question” to remove the responses from the Form™.
  10. Have students use the same Form for the next question asked in class.

This Add-on was created by Alice Keeler. Teacher, Google Certified Innovator, Google Developer Expert, Mom of 5, and EdTech blogger at alicekeeler.com. This Add-on collects NO user data. NO PII. Is FERPA and COPPA compliant.

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Alice Keeler - Paperless Is Not a Pedagogy

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