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Chromebook Users the Time is Now


NOW – School IT departments need to get set up with free M365 accounts and prepare for how to use Minecraft: Education Edition in the fall. Play Minecraft: Education Edition on a Chromebook On @playcraftlearn Twitter handle an invite to beta test Minecraft: Education Edition on Chromebooks was posted. I logged into my Chromebook, went to the Play Store and… Read More »CHROMEBOOK USERS – The Time is Now

Coding in Minecraft

Coding with Minecraaft

Coding with Minecraft All 5 of my kids (ranging from ages 7 to 15) love Minecraft. To this day my 15 year old can still spend hours playing Minecraft. For many kids, Minecraft is engaging and provides a context they care about. Minecraft education edition has a library of pre-made lessons. There is even a whole world created for learning… Read More »Coding with Minecraaft

Try a Minecraft Theme

Sometimes choosing a theme for a unit can help students get into their learning. I suggest trying a Minecraft theme. Even if you do not have Minecraft or MinecraftEDU for your classroom you can still create Minecraft themed activities. You could theme a math unit around the Minecraft blocks or ask students to do fictional writing using a character in… Read More »Try a Minecraft Theme