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Bing in the Classroom

Be a Search Ninja – Use Minus

One trick for doing a web search is to EXCLUDE terms by using a minus sign in front of the keyword. I am currently trying to do a search for the human population numbers in the circumpolar regions. Sample Search I start my search with circumpolar population However, I notice that I am getting several articles on the populations of… Read More »Be a Search Ninja – Use Minus

Use Quotations in Your Search

When performing a search try using quotations around your keywords. This ensures that your keywords are placed next to each other in the text. I typed Alice Keeler into a Google News search. The first two articles were about me. However all the rest of the results were NOT about me. The word Alice and the word Keeler were somewhere… Read More »Use Quotations in Your Search

Use Quotations in Your Search

“Use Quotations” When using a search engine such as Google.com or Bing.com or any other search engine this search technique might help you to more quickly find what you are looking for. OR When you type in two words or a phrase into a search box the search engine is looking for the first word OR the second word. Results that… Read More »Use Quotations in Your Search