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OneNote Best Practices

OneNote Best Practices for Educators and Students with @mtholfsen

“OneNote best practices for educators and students”  Guest blog post by Mike Tholfsen Last week I did a webinar with Troy Waller from Australia all about OneNote EDU best practices and “good hygiene” for educators and students.  In addition to the best practices, there are lots of other useful nuggets about current updates, and what is coming in the near future for OneNote in… Read More »OneNote Best Practices for Educators and Students with @mtholfsen

Get Your OneNote Avenger Cape

This morning my daughter Bacon (not her real name, but what she goes by) saw that I got a Microsoft Avenger OneNote cape at the SXSWedu event. She was very jealous and I hope I can get it back from her. If you need your own OneNote avenger cape you can order them at: https://www.co-store.com/iw

OneNote: Pin the Ribbon

By default the Ribbon in Microsoft OneNote collapses to provide extra screen space for taking your notes. If you want the Ribbon to stay expanded to give you quick access to the functions you use most you can pin the Ribbon down. Bottom Right With the Ribbon expanded, look in the bottom right hand corner for a tiny pushpin icon.… Read More »OneNote: Pin the Ribbon