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Google Voice for Deaf Students

I was doing some brainstorming with some teachers of deaf students. I was having my college students use Google Voice as a quick and dirty podcasting method (I’ll save that for another blog).  Obviously this will not work for deaf students, it is an auditory tool. But can Google Voice be a tool for teaching deaf students? We think so,… Read More »Google Voice for Deaf Students

Google Voice for Educators

TjHouston.com posted to his blog 5 reasons why every educator should have a Google Voice account. I have blogged previously about my love for Google Voice in the classroom.  I will add in a couple of my own reasons. Keeping my cell phone number private, I give out my Google Voice number to students and parents. I can set my… Read More »Google Voice for Educators

Google Voice in the classroom

What is Google Voice? In short it gives you a new phone number that you can attach multiple phone numbers to. So an individual can call your Google Voice number and it will ring all the phones you put in the settings AT THE SAME TIME. But the beauty of it is that you can give out your number without… Read More »Google Voice in the classroom