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Getting Started with Gamification

This blog post was originally posted on the CUE blog. Gamification in the Classroom – Getting Started by BLOGCUE on OCTOBER 23, 2013 Angry Birds By CUE Member Alice Keeler Gamification – what made me venture into the world of games as a teacher? One day I had a struggling student eagerly bring me his math homework and exclaim, “What is my grade?” Well…… Read More »Getting Started with Gamification

Make Badges

Recently I discovered Makebadges. http://www.makebadg.es/badge.html This website makes it really easy to create badges, avatars and banners. I am able to upload my own icons into the center of the badges. The badges then easily download as a .png file for me to do with as I wish.

Helpfulness Score

I found this interesting post on the Zynga blog. Zynga is the company that developed the game Farmville. I found the helpfulness score to be very interesting, I love the idea of encouraging students to have good citizenship. I wonder what it would take to develop something similar for our classrooms. Amusing is the line “clobbered with kindness.” In trying to… Read More »Helpfulness Score

Graduated Point Systems and Leveling

Why do students not do the reading assignment (or any assignment)? Well, a variety of reasons. Assignment is not interesting to them. Assignment is not relevant to them. Assignment is too challenging. Directions are difficult to follow. Feeling that they will not be successful so they give up before they start. Lack of a sense of connection with the teacher/class.… Read More »Graduated Point Systems and Leveling

Scramble with Friends

This week I was a substitute for an English class. Being a math teacher it is a little outside of my expertise, but I welcome a challenge and change. One girl in the class indicated she felt she needed to work on spelling. Not sure how I can tackle spelling in one hour I suggested we download scramble with friends.… Read More »Scramble with Friends

Cut the rope: tangent to a circle

I am a fan of applying gaming principles (gamification) but I am also a fan of playing games to learn. While most games are not specifically designed for instructional purposes and many instructional games are not much more than a dressed up worksheet there is much to learn from games that are not specifically designed to teach. If students played… Read More »Cut the rope: tangent to a circle

Non educational games

I was playing cut the rope on my iPhone and was thinking how this and games like it could be used to help students learn by discovery learning.  This particular level requires that I shoot a plunger at a swinging piece of candy.  I need to figure out at what point the candy is farthest away from the plunger so… Read More »Non educational games


On Saturday I attended EdCamp SF Bay in Oakland. It was an amazing and fun experience.  I signed up to lead a discussion on gamification, or in other words… how to apply gaming principles to the classroom.  The discussion was really good and I am feeling motivated to move forward with my gamification ideas for my classes this year. I… Read More »Gamification