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Supplementary Resources for 50 Ways to Engage Students with Google Apps by Alice Keeler and Heather Lyon

Thank you for your purchase of the Book “50 Ways to Engage Students with Google Apps” by Alice Keeler and Heather Lyon. Since we can not put everything into the book we have added additional support and templates here. Please reach out to us on social media if you have any questions about the techniques so we can support you in using Google Apps for student engagement. 

This page is a work in progress and may likely contain some typos. Please reach out to Alice or Heather on Twitter. 

Want to discuss the ideas and templates? The Teacher Tech Facebook group is an excellent place to post your comments.

Table of Contents

Books by Alice Keeler

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Books by Heather Lyon

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Learn more about Heather’s work on student engagement at lyonsletters.com

Book Template and Resources

As we create new resources and tutorials we will post them here. If a template is broken in the book, we will update new versions here. 

1. Breaking Patterns

2. Interacting with Readers

3. Using Active Learning


4. Offering Choices

5. Scratching the Mystery

Originally this was designed for Google Jamboard where you could slow erase content to reveal what was below. Unfortunately, Jamboard has been discontinued. 

We have created a new template that uses Google Slides. Students will delete the “scratcher” hiding the content underneath.

6. Reducing Participation Anxiety


7. Sorting for Critical Thinking


8. Jumping to Feedback

9. Encouraging Group Discussions

10. Choosing from Categories

11. Constraining Options


12. Checking for Fluency

13. Fostering a Low Risk of Failure

14. Creating Clubs

15. Choosing the Questions

16. Incorporating Personal Interests

17. Recording Text Feedback


18. Focusing on the Product

19. Replacing Assignments

20. Targeting for All, Most, and Some

Pixel Art Templates

From the book Google Apps for Littles try using a Ten Frames template that utilizes pixel art to allow students to create 10 frames. Students type a single digit number


ELA Reading Log

Instead of a reading log try a picture log! Ask students to use pixel art on each tab of the spreadsheet to create a picture about what they read that day. Use the box in the template to describe the picture.


Hyperlinked Google Slides Choice Board


Vocabulary Sort in Google Slides


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