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Google Docs Blog Meet Alice Keeler: Google Certified Teacher, Author, and “Queen of Spreadsheets”
Google for Education Delivering Peer Feedback with Google Forms
Classroom 2.0 Live Twitter Chats: What, Why, How, When?
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Hot Chalk Education in America Q&A: Alice Keeler, Founder of #coffeecue and EdCampCV
Bedley Bros iPad vs. Chromebook
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Gradecam Blog Gradecam Scoring in Action
Interview by Steve Hargadon Connected Educator Month 2013
We Are Teachers  10 Do’s and 5 Dont’s for a Successful One to One Classroom 
Google Play for Education  I am proud to be part of the team to make this happen.
Modern Educator  Profchat’s Alice Keeler
Gamifi-ED OOC  How to get started in game based learning.
The Dr. Will Show  All things Google with Alice
Reboot Ed Podcast  Episode 21: Hanging Out With Alice Keeler 
 Edutopia Beyond the Worksheet: Playsheets, GBL, and Gamification
 Maxcases  Education & Technology: Doing Things Differently 
 Edutopia  Gamification: Engaging Students With Narrative


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