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Use Google Classroom to turn in digital and non-digital work. Using the Google Classroom mobile app students can simply take a picture and submit the picture of their analog work directly to Google Classroom. Using a Chromebook takes a little more effort, but is still pretty easy!


Direct students to click on the “Open” button on the assignment and click on the “Create” button. Depending on if they are submitting one image or multiple images, they should choose “Drawing” or “Presentation.” I suggest for the most part that they use Google Slides presentation.

Students will want to put their name and a description on the title slide and then insert a blank slide.

Insert Image

On a Google Doc when you insert an image, you have multiple options for how you want to insert your image. Along the top you have options to upload, take a snapshot, by URL, from your photo albums, from your Google Drive or to search for images on Google Images. Instruct students to choose “Take a snapshot.”
Google Docs add image by snapshot

Students will hold their work up to the webcam. Using a document camera is also a great way to capture images of student analog work. I recommend the iPevo document camera. It is a USB camera that works great with Chromebooks.
Google Docs insert snapshot


When looking at the SAMR model, this is substitution. Students are doing the exact same task but using digital tools to submit. Sometimes substitution is the right answer and is a great place to start when using digital tools.


Kick this assignment up a notch by asking students to add slides where they explain their thought process. This again is the same task, since students can certainly explain their thought process on paper, but using slides makes this process a little more efficient. This is also a great way to get going with the Common Core. Asking students to always explain what they are doing rather than simply following algorithms.


The standards for mathematical practice apply to all subject areas. See my article on Edutopia for suggestions on teaching the mathematical practices in all subject areas. One of the mathematical practices is to “critique the reasoning of others.” Now that student work is digital, students can easily share their documents with other students. Students can insert comments on individual slides to critique the reasoning of other students. This also makes it significantly easier for teachers to provide students meaningful feedback on their work.
Insert comments on a slides presentation

Click Here for my sample Google Slides

Quarter Sheets

I recommend you keep stacks of quartered sheets of paper all around the classroom. It is significantly easier to hold up a quarter sheet of paper to the webcam than a full piece of paper.

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