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Alice Keeler

GC Rubric by Alice Keeler

Google Classroom™ allows you to add rubrics to assignments by using a Google Sheets™ spreadsheet. However, you need the spreadsheet formatted in a very specific way. GC Rubric by Alice Keeler, co-author of the book “Stepping Up to Google Classroom,” provides a template to quickly create rubrics intended for use in Google Classroom™.

Start with any Google Sheets™ spreadsheet. Access the Add-on via the Extensions menu. This will add a new sheet to the spreadsheet. Add the list of criteria. Automatically a new criteria row is added. Select “Finalize & Download” to remove the additional criteria rows.

TIP: Save your rubrics to a rubric folder in Google Drive™.

In a Google Classroom assignment, prior to publishing, click on the “Rubric” button and select “Import from Google Sheets™.” Locate the rubric in Google Drive.

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