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If you are interested in advertising on this site please contact Anna Wells at anna@alicekeeler.com


Alice Keeler is available to present at workshops, as a featured speaker for your event or as a keynote speaker. Please contact Anna Wells at anna@alicekeeler.com if you are interested in having Alice come out to your location.

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  1. First off let me say how much I love your stuff! I am using your Pile of Slides to push out a Google Slide to my students. I teach middle school so I have over 100 students and realized it did not like that I was doing them all at once. So I split it into smaller groups but every time I run it (I have tried numerous times now…at home, at school…) it loads for 5 students and then stops. I have let it run for 12 hours and it will still stop after 5 students. Can you help me at all?

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