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Alice Keeler


Collaboration, Customization, Brainstorming, Personalization, Gamification, Data

Alice Keeler

Google Certified Teacher
New Media Consortium K-12 Ambassador
Technology Trainer
Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer
Adjunct Faculty California State University Fresno
Former Adjunct Faculty Fresno Pacific University
Bing in the Classroom Lesson Developer
Teacher on Special Assignment: ACEL Charter High School
Technology Consultant with Pivot Learning Partners
Former Illuminate Data Trainer
Leading Edge Certification (Admin & Online and Blended) Instructor
Curriculum writer
Technology Coach
Academic Coach
PBL Math Coach
Founder #coffeecue
Founder EdCampCV
B.A. Mathematics California State University Fresno
M.S. Educational Media Design and Technology Full Sail University
Former Board Member Central Valley Computer Using Educators (CVCUE)
Twitter: @alicekeeler
Email: alice@alicekeeler.com

I am a passionate educator who believes that professional development is not always formally delivered. I am a technology missionary, on a quest to inspire and help teachers to try something new. More than idea sharing I work with teachers to make vision reality. I will not settle for the status quo, there is always a better way something can be done and technology can help make it happen. I am passionate about students learning, understanding and being able to apply their learning.  I have an interested in applying gaming principles to education to increase motivation and to meet each kid where they are at by customizing their learning experience to help them achieve their maximum potential.







14 thoughts on “About Alice”

  1. Hello Prof. Keeler- I am a student at CSUF trying to get into your CI 101 class on Tuesday 1-3 p.m. It says the class is full w/ no wait list, and I could not locate your campus email.

    Q: Is there a chance I can petition to get ino the class? (I was prevented from registering earlier due to paperwork & red tape foul-ups). Shoul I come down next Tues. and sit in on your class to see if someone drops?

    My email is: tlyday@mail.fresnostate.edu Thank you very much- Thomas Lyday

    1. Hi Alice!

      Us at movenote have noticed that you have tweeted about movenote every now and again. We would love to hear how you use movenote and what you think of it. Testimonials are extremely important to us, because when shared they give confidence to other teachers to try out movenote. So if you could, in 4-5 sentences tell us how you used movenote and what you think of it, we would be forever thankful. Also, even better, if you wouldn’t mind, publishing this on your site would make a huge difference for us.

      I really hope to hear from you.

      Best regards,

      Sini Hyytiäinen

    2. Hi Alice. There is a big push at my school to move to 1-to-1 with our students and we are trying to accomplish that through the use of Chromebooks. One of the obstacles we are facing though is how to effectively monitor exactly what the students are viewing on their screens. Our computer teachers have programs installed on their computers but we can not obviously do that on the Chromebooks. Do you know an extension that will allow us to do that if needed?

      Thank you for all of the great resources. I just discovered your site today and was sure to bookmark it.


    3. Hi Alice. My name is Melissa Jarrett and I am in the EMDT program at Full Sail. I happened to run across a webinar you did about gamification last year and as you were talking about your Master’s program I thought it sounded familiar and had to come check out your page. I finish the program in July and am very interested in gamification and using that concept in the elementary classroom. I look forward to checking out your page and learning from you in this process. Just wanted to say hello from a fellow EMDT-er!

    4. Hello. I am a middle school teacher in Wyoming. Wondering if you or your readers would take a shot at a question. We are trying to figure out the quickest, easiest way to import CSV files generated by Google Classroom into our PowerSchool. PowerSchool needs student ID numbers to import from CSV file. Best I’ve come up with is copying from CSV that PowerSchool generated with those numbers, then pasting into Google Classroom CSV.

      1. Great question, very true about the need for SID numbers. You can use a vlookup table to append student ID numbers, but of course you are reliant upon matching via names and that can be a little sketchy for a variety of reasons. I think your solution is the easiest… hopefully for the most part the names match up.

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