Webinars & Office Hours

Saturday 3/6


9 AM Pacific
Webinar: Principles of Gamification

What is gamification vs. game based learning? Let's go over some gaming mechanics and think about how your class can be more like a game ūüôā

Office Hours 

10 AM Pacific

Hang out with Alice Keeler. What questions do you have? Let's brainstorm lesson ideas or troubleshoot issues you're having. Or just stop in to say hi.

Sunday 3/7


11 AM Pacific
Creating Collaborative Google Slides

All students in the SAME GOOGLE SLIDES! This is my 2nd favorite thing to do with students!! Let's try out what collaborative Google Slides means and talk about when to use them.

Community Time: Topia
12 PM Pacific

Topia is a virtual hangout space. Come hangout with other premium members. Chat and talk about whatever you want. Go to http://topia.io/teachertech to join. Look for colored arrows on the side to indicate other people are in the space and you can walk over to them. Tip: use Control Minus to zoom out and Control Zero to restore your zoom.

Monday 3/8

Office Hours 

11 AM Pacific

What do you have on your mind, what do you need support with? Let's chat, look at lesson upgrades, or let me help you with how to use a particular product.

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