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Jamestown Bitmoji Project with @MatthewFarber

Jamestown Bitmoji Project with @MatthewFarber

Creative Project Ideas with Matthew Farber Matthew Farber (author of “Gamify Your Classroom“) shared with me a project his student did using Bitmoji’s to represent the story of Jamestown. This project hits many of the things I value: Integrates technology, not just uses tech. Uses real things that students can relate to. Provides choice. Allows students to be creative. Asks students to… Read More »Jamestown Bitmoji Project with @MatthewFarber

welcome to storyboard that

Storyboard That: Graphic Organizers and Comic Strips

Fun and learning come together with Storyboard That. This application allows you or students to create comic strips, storyboards or graphic organizers. Clearly communicate ideas through graphics is a great way for students to demonstrate their learning. Create I love students CREATING things. Students can easily get started using Storyboard That to create scenes that tell a story of what… Read More »Storyboard That: Graphic Organizers and Comic Strips

google classroom newsela

Google Classroom and Newsela

Bring Current Events to Your Students with Newsela Newsela brings current events into your classroom. Newsela takes current news articles and changes the readability based on lexile level. New articles are provided daily at 5 different reading levels. Students can take assessments based on the news articles. Google Classroom Providing links to news articles through Google Classroom brings the world to… Read More »Google Classroom and Newsela

EdTech Tool List

If you want some ideas for EdTech tools that teachers are using here is a list of tools you might want to try. The list is crowdsourced so if you have a favorite tool please add it to the list. If you have ideas for how to use a tool please add in teaching ideas. Add to the List Link… Read More »EdTech Tool List

Discussion Board Rules

Click Here to link to the Google Drawing of the poster. In teaching English Barton Keeler started using Schoology for discussions after Catlin Tucker mentioned this is what she uses. In order to have successful discussions Barton noticed that he needed to provide the students with requirements. Students tend to want to answer “good job” or other comments that do not further… Read More »Discussion Board Rules

Super Easy – Use Snagit to Create Animated GIF’s

Animated GIF’s are pictures that move. These are great for education because you can embed an animated GIF into your webpage that demonstrates a skill you want students to do. Since it is an image file and not a video it automatically plays and it loops. The looping demonstrates the skill to the student over and over to help them… Read More »Super Easy – Use Snagit to Create Animated GIF’s

ClassDojo Builds Relationships

Modern teaching is not about delivering content, most content is available via YouTube, a book or a website. Teaching is about building relationships. I was really excited to see the announcement by ClassDojo that their new app is all about that. www.classdojo.com/learnmore The app can be downloaded for free on iTunes or Google Play.

Class Dojo Brings Collaboration to their Classroom Management Tool

ClassDojo teachers can now collaborate to improve student skills and behaviors Guest Blog Post by Manoj Lamba With ClassDojo’s newest features, students build important skills across all of their classes and grade levels ClassDojo — the popular behavior and skills development app used by millions of teachers around the world — today released a new set of features aimed at… Read More »Class Dojo Brings Collaboration to their Classroom Management Tool