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Moving from Inquiry to Creativity

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Helping Students Make the Leap from Inquiry to Creativity Guest Post: Dr. Nathan Lang-Raad is a speaker and author (Everyday Instructional Coaching: 7 Daily Drivers to support Teacher Effectiveness). He is the Chief Education Officer at WeVideo and is a former teacher, vice principal, professor, district curriculum and instruction director, and education supervisor at NASA. Follow him on Twitter (@drlangraad).… Read More »Moving from Inquiry to Creativity

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Chromebooks: Webcam Record Chrome Extension

Webcam Record Chrome Extension My newest Chrome extension, Alice Keeler Webcam Record, is now live in the Chrome Webstore. This allows Chrome (and Chromebook) users to record 30 seconds of themselves using the webcam. The video is automatically saved to Google Drive and the link to the video is copied to the clipboard for easy sharing. Extension Available in the… Read More »Chromebooks: Webcam Record Chrome Extension

Webinar Archive – Creating Short Instructional Videos

October 13th at 530 PST Myself, Lisa Ceja, and Elise Legaspi are going to talk about making short instructional videos. Link to events page Video With blended learning and flipped classrooms teachers are creating videos for their students to watch. I am a perpetual student, I received my masters degree online and am working on my doctorate online. Online classes… Read More »Webinar Archive – Creating Short Instructional Videos

Instructional Video Tips with Dave Mulder: Start with a Story

Dave Mulder has a wonderful style to creating online instructional videos. Previously I had shared some of his instructional video techniques in a blog. Here are some additional things we can learn from Dave Mulder Start with a Story I really appreciate that he did not start his video with “hi.” He starts right in with a story. Just as… Read More »Instructional Video Tips with Dave Mulder: Start with a Story