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August 5: Google Apps for Littles
Hosted by ViewSonic

Location: ViewSonic Corporation Brea, CA

The youngest students on an elementary school campus have the ability to express themselves meaningfully through technology.  Google Apps are the among the technology tools that students will be using for many years in their educational careers.  During the Google Apps for Littles Workshop, Alice Keeler and Christine Pinto will provide ideas of how primary aged students can demonstrate their knowledge and creativity when using Google Apps.  Participants will explore Google Classroom and practice making templates to support instruction and the concepts that young students learn.  Tips on how to setup and manage students’ Google Apps accounts on desktop computers, Chromebooks, and iPads will also be shared.  This workshop is intended for those who work with students in grades TK-3rd.
Cost: $150 per person

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Christine Pinto

Christine Pinto teaches Transitional Kindergarten (TK) to 4 year olds in Southern California. This year she had her students use Google Classroom, log in, use Chromebooks, use iPads, create Google Slides presentations, create Google Sheets graphs and charts and much much more.