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Why we Need to Talk About Leslie Jones in Class

Why we Need to Talk About Leslie Jones in Class Guest blog post by Julie Smith. Author of the book Master the Media: How Teaching Media Literacy Can Save Our Plugged-in World By now you’ve probably heard about SNL’s Leslie Jones, who’s been the victim of some horribly racist attacks online after she appeared in this summer’s “Ghostbusters”. She was in… Read More »Why we Need to Talk About Leslie Jones in Class

Digital Citizenship: Your Friends Do Not Need You to Send Them Money

In a digital age, it is important that we educate our kids how to avoid scams and to stay safe online. I like to dig through my spam folder to find examples of scams and use them as examples for students to critically analyze why they should be skeptical of the email. Previously I posted some examples of emails that you… Read More »Digital Citizenship: Your Friends Do Not Need You to Send Them Money

Mac Tip: Enable Voice Typing

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Sometimes I feel like dictating my typing. Other times I can not figure out how to spell a word so I simply engage the voice dictation to help me to figure it out. Using voice dictation can be really handing when providing students feedback. I am able to look at student work and give my response to it as I… Read More »Mac Tip: Enable Voice Typing

Draw Your Slides with Paper 53

  Recently Kids Discover posted my article on 5 Tips for Better Presentation Slides. One of the suggestions I gave was to draw your own slides in Paper 53. This helps you to ensure that you have the perfect image to go along with your message, and your presentation looks unique. Amy Burvall Amy Burvall does an amazing job of this.… Read More »Draw Your Slides with Paper 53

Tweet Stuff Template: A tutorial

This morning Kristin Gregory tweeted out that she was trying my “Tweet Stuff” template. In response to some requests, I thought I would make some directions on how to use it. CLICK HERE for the template. The gist of the spreadsheet is it creates a link for you to tweet out things. Click on the link and it launches a… Read More »Tweet Stuff Template: A tutorial

Presenting on a Mac

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Photo Credit: Angelina 🙂 via Compfight cc While doing demonstrations on my MAC, either live or screencast, you want to draw attention to the part of the screen the viewer should be focusing on. Mouselight One way to do this is to use the mouselight app. It is $0.99 in the Mac App store. After installing you can use the… Read More »Presenting on a Mac

Sharing a Google Drive Folder

One thing I like about Google Drive is the ability to share documents. I can share with view only rights or with collaboration priviledges. I will place all of my course documents into a folder for students to view. Any document I add to that folder automatically assumes the sharing rights of the folder so I do not need to… Read More »Sharing a Google Drive Folder

Revision History in a Google Document

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In Google Docs and Google Sites there is an option to see the revision history. Use this to… See who has been working on the document. Revert back to an old revision if you are unhappy with the changes. Revert back to an old version if a collaborator makes changes that were not welcome. Grade group work, as the instructor… Read More »Revision History in a Google Document