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lurk to find support on Twitter

Find Support… With Twitter

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The Twitter Teaching Community is Stepping Up with Support If you are not on Twitter now is a great time to start LURKING! Educators and EdTech companies are out in force with resources specifically focusing on how to make shifts in distance learning. You do not need a Twitter account to take advantage. How to Lurk The key to Twitter… Read More »Find Support… With Twitter

Math Hashtags

Math Twitter Hashtags

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Follow These Hashtags on Twitter How do you keep up? You can’t. There is no way we can know everything about teaching, about learning, and about mathematics. This is the beauty of Twitter. It is bite sized, 280 character or less, of learning. Follow a Hashtag A hashtag is a topic. When you tweet something it goes to the stream… Read More »Math Twitter Hashtags

Twitter Chat Template

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  Google Sheets Spreadsheet Template for Twitter Chats Twitter chats are a great way for educators to interact with other educators. Interacting with teachers not just at our school widens our access to ideas, resources, and teaching techniques. I have created a spreadsheet to help you moderate or participate in a Twitter chat. Template alicekeeler.com/twitterchat Moderating a Twitter Chat A… Read More »Twitter Chat Template

3 twitter tips for interacting

3 Twitter Tips for Interacting

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3 Tips for Interacting on Twitter 1. Do Not Start a Tweet with @ When you start a tweet with @ it is semi-private. Rumor was they were going to eliminate the need to start a tweet with a period, but really they just made it harder to start your tweet with a period. Let me explain. When you start… Read More »3 Twitter Tips for Interacting

Press N for a New Tweet

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Press N to Compose a Tweet I love keyboard shortcuts. They make me much more efficient when using the computer. Twitter has a few keyboard shortcuts that can be very helpful. N – New Tweet When using twitter.com or even tweetdeck.com you can press N to start a new tweet. Control Enter – Send After pressing N to start a new… Read More »Press N for a New Tweet

Twitter Image Template in Google Drawing

Add an Image to Your Tweet

Add an Image to Your Tweet How do you find new ideas; not just for using tech but that too? Twitter is full of innovative awesome educators who share! Create a Twitter account just for teaching and only follow educators who share, give free lesson plans, and free moral support. Follow @burgessdave @jmattmiller @shakeuplearning @ericcurts @jenroberts1 @lisahighfill @catlin_tucker @jcorippo @burgess_shelley @thomascmurray @marvelousmcc @shfarnsworth… Read More »Add an Image to Your Tweet

embed twitter google sites

Google Sites: Embed a Twitter Feed

Embed in New Google Sites Finally! You can embed in Google Sites. The “Embed URL” has been changed to just “Embed.” When you double click on the page, the insert wheel now allows you the option to “Embed.” Embed When selecting “Embed” a pop up gives you the option to embed “By URL” or “Embed Code.” Click on the “Embed… Read More »Google Sites: Embed a Twitter Feed

Twitter 140 keep it short

Twitter: 140 Characters or 280

Twitter: Keep It Short I have always said the genius of Twitter is you have to be clever. I can scroll quickly through my Twitter stream to find those golden nuggets that make me a better teacher. Now Twitter has ruined it! 280 characters makes it seem more like I’m trudging through my email rather than having quick little learning… Read More »Twitter: 140 Characters or 280

ISTE17 or ISTE2017

Follow #ISTE17 OR #ISTE2017 Hashtag

Multiple Hashtags in Tweetdeck The official hashtag of the ISTE conference this year is #ISTE17. I am thrilled to have my 2 characters back, I needed them. A few people are inadvertently using the incorrect hashtag of #ISTE2017. If you use Tweetdeck you can follow both! Tweetdeck Start by going to tweetdeck.com and doing a search for #ISTE17 Column Box A… Read More »Follow #ISTE17 OR #ISTE2017 Hashtag

quote tweet mention the tweeter

Quote Tweet: Mention The Tweeter

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Quote Tweet: Mention The Tweeter When you retweet a tweet on Twitter you have the option to add some commentary to the tweet you are retweeting. This is a “Quote tweet.” The problem is that when you quote tweet someone the quoted tweet does not count as a retweet for the tweeter’s statistics and the quote tweet does not show… Read More »Quote Tweet: Mention The Tweeter

participate in a twitter chat

Participate in a Twitter Chat Template

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Participate in a Twitter Chat Starting Tuesday, Google Apps for Littles (#GAfE4Littles) will be having a weekly chat at 5pm PST. For those participants who are new to Twitter chats I created a template to help. If you have never participated in a Twitter chat here is how it works. At the specified time log onto Twitter. I recommend using Tweetdeck and… Read More »Participate in a Twitter Chat Template