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One Link: Keeping Students on the Same Page

Previously I had blogged about how to keep your webpage fresh by using Google Slides presentation. The idea is that instead of having to update your webpage everyday, you can simply update the Google presentation that is embedded on your webpage. The webpage will automatically update with your edits. Since Google Docs automatically update as you make edits they are… Read More »One Link: Keeping Students on the Same Page

Click the Logo

On almost every website there is a logo or title at the top of the page. Usually this is in the upper left hand corner. Clicking on the site logo or title will typically return you to the homepage. Take for example the Amazon website, if you want to get back to the home page after searching for Catlin Tucker’s… Read More »Click the Logo

Managing Browser Tabs

Tabbed Browsing As a teacher we frequently need to multi-task what we are doing on the internet. We need a tab open for our email, the gradebook, Google and any other projects we are working on. Frequently I am going back and forth between two particular tabs. Pull a Tab Out If you click and grab a tab you can… Read More »Managing Browser Tabs

Scrolling Text in Your Presentation

Today at the OC CUE TechFest event the keynote speaker Catlin Tucker included video screencasts in her slide deck. This was particularly clever as it allows her to demonstrate navigating a website without being held hostage to the internet availability or speed. It also allows her to demonstrate a skill without her being stuck behind the podium. Step 1 Go to… Read More »Scrolling Text in Your Presentation

Alphabetizing Numbers

1 10 11 12 13 2 20 21 22 3 30 31 32 You may not have given it much thought but if you have numbered documents and then you may have been frustrated by the way the list alphabetized. Sometimes I have several resources I want to share with students, so I number them in the file name only… Read More »Alphabetizing Numbers

Opening Links

When you come across a hyperlink in a webpage try holding down the COMMAND key (Mac) or CONTROL key (PC) while you click on the link. This will cause it to open in another window rather than replace the window you are on. Keyboard Shortcuts I find that I have frequent need to use this series of keyboard shortcuts: C,… Read More »Opening Links