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Make Tabs FAST in Google Sheets

Install Add-on TemplateTab TemplateTab is a Google Sheets Add-on that allows you to duplicate a graphic organizer within a spreadsheet for every student on your roster. Hack TemplateTab Hack TemplateTab to simply create a lot of tabs quickly. Add-on Menu After installing TemplateTab you will find it permanently installed in the Add-on menu. Meaning it is available in any spreadsheet.… Read More »Make Tabs FAST in Google Sheets

FREE!! Make a Pile of Google Slides for Students and Update Them

When teaching remotely, or just when teaching with digital tools, using Google Slides is a giant help! Students can create muti-media representations of their work and since Google Slides are collaborative you can see their work in real time. Now you want to be able to update and add to the student slides… my Add-on can help. Makes a folder… Read More »FREE!! Make a Pile of Google Slides for Students and Update Them

FREE – pushSlides to Update Student Slides in Google Classroom

How to Update Student Google Sides If you have a Google Slides PER STUDENT in an assignment in Google Classroom you may want to update the students slides. You could open each students slides and copy paste new slides. OR you can use my Add-on Reuse GC to push slides to students slides to update them. Reuse GC Add-on The… Read More »FREE – pushSlides to Update Student Slides in Google Classroom

Copy My Folder Add-on

Copy a Folder in Google Drive

Copy Files from One Account to Another If you want to copy your Google Drive files from one account to another the trick is to put the files in account A into a folder. Share the folder with account B. In account B go to “Shared with Me” and start copying the files in that folder. This is tedious. Obviously… Read More »Copy a Folder in Google Drive

PDF my Folder in Drive

PDF my Folder – Add-on

Turn Google Drive Folder Files to PDF If you would like to print student work to post on the wall you will need to Control P print one document at a time. Alternatively, you can use PDF my Folder Add-on by me (Alice Keeler) to turn a folder of Google Apps Documents into PDF’s. This allows you to download the… Read More »PDF my Folder – Add-on

TemplateTab by Alice Keeler


TemplateTab Copies a Graphic Organizer Per Student TemplateTab is one of the first things I ever coded, and I think one of the best things I’ve coded. Special thanks to Alicia Williams and John McGowan for helping me get this published to the G Suite Marketplace. All Students in the Same Spreadsheet If you have ever taken an online workshop… Read More »APPROVED!! TEMPLATETAB

Fast branching Google Form

Fast: Create a Branching Google Form

Create a Branching Google Form Design your Google Forms to provide immediate feedback by utilizing branching options. Create multiple sections in your Form and add only one question per section that determines which section to jump to next. Answer correctly and the branching should take the student to the next question. Answer incorrectly and be taken to a section with… Read More »Fast: Create a Branching Google Form

Group Docs

GroupDocs: A Copy Per Group

GroupDocs Add-on Randomly Assigns Students to Groups In the modern world collaboration and getting along with a team is essential. Assigning students to group work can sometimes be tricky. Use my Add-on GroupDocs to assign students to groups and give each group a copy of a collaborative document. alicekeeler.com/groupdocs Steps Make a copy of the template. Set the group size.… Read More »GroupDocs: A Copy Per Group

Slideshot Desmos

SlideShot Math with Desmos

Use the SlideShot Chrome Extension with Desmos Desmos is so much more than an online graphing calculator. Demos helps shift the math classroom from students doing math to exploring math. “Math is about pattern finding.” – Youcubed One of the shifts in teaching mathematics is away from “Show your work” to “Show your thinking.” Exploring math, finding patterns, and discovering… Read More »SlideShot Math with Desmos