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Moving from Inquiry to Creativity

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Helping Students Make the Leap from Inquiry to Creativity Guest Post: Dr. Nathan Lang-Raad is a speaker and author (Everyday Instructional Coaching: 7 Daily Drivers to support Teacher Effectiveness). He is the Chief Education Officer at WeVideo and is a former teacher, vice principal, professor, district curriculum and instruction director, and education supervisor at NASA. Follow him on Twitter (@drlangraad).… Read More »Moving from Inquiry to Creativity

Alternatives to Student Presentations

Let’s keep things interesting and mix things up! I’m a fan of focusing on the learning objective, not the assignment. Providing students choices for ways they can demonstrate their learning definitely keeps things interesting!! When we ask students to “create a presentation” or “make a brochure” you can almost hear the groaning in the room since they have made so… Read More »Alternatives to Student Presentations

Google Docs: Stop Email Notifications

If you are shared on a Google document with a large group of people you may find the number of email notifications from collaborators inserting comments to be overwhelming. I like my students to receive the email notifications when I give them individual feedback, however, when collaborating with a large group this may be unnecessary. Comments In the upper right hand… Read More »Google Docs: Stop Email Notifications

Instructional Video Tips with Dave Mulder: Start with a Story

Dave Mulder has a wonderful style to creating online instructional videos. Previously I had shared some of his instructional video techniques in a blog. Here are some additional things we can learn from Dave Mulder Start with a Story I really appreciate that he did not start his video with “hi.” He starts right in with a story. Just as… Read More »Instructional Video Tips with Dave Mulder: Start with a Story

Snagit: Drag the Image

  I use Snagit by TechSmith almost daily. Snagit allows me to create screen captures and annotate them. I am also able to do video screencasts with Snagit. One thing I love about using Snagit is the ability to drag the images or videos from the tray onto my desktop or into a presentation or Google Doc. If you have… Read More »Snagit: Drag the Image