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Webinars & Office Hours

Monday 5/10


3:40 AM Pacific
Make a Certificate: Code a Mail Merge

Coding your own mail merge is so satisfying. It would be helpful if you have tried some Google Apps Script before but not required. You will take Google Form responses and merge them into a Google Doc to create a certificate.

Tuesday 5/11


12:15 PM Pacific
Coding an add-on!
Member suggested webinar

Get started with coding Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms by thinking about creating an Add-on. In this webinar, we will build an add-on for the Add-on menu and intro how you can get it permanently added to the Add-on menu!


3:30 PM Pacific
Desmos: Advanced Topics

What else can we learn about Desmos in this introduction to teaching with Desmos workshop? Note that we will NOT be covering the computation layer for Desmos.

Thursday 5/13


3:30 PM Pacific
Desmos: Modify an Activity

If you are teaching math you want to be using Desmos. In this weeks webinar we will look at how to modify an existing activity. Last week we learned how to make a basic activity, this week we will show how to find an activity online that is cooler than the skills you have (or time you have 🙂 and modify it to make it yours!

Saturday 5/15


12:15 PM Pacific
Fast - Create a Google Form

In this webinar we will work on using http://alicekeeler.com/form to quickly create a Google Form and how it saves you time. We MIGHT touch on http://alicekeeler.com/branchingform for quickly creating a branching Google Form.

Office Hours 

1 PM Pacific

The school year is winding down! How can I support you to finish the school year strong?

Sunday 5/16

Office Hours 

11 AM Pacific
Choose Your Own Adventure/Madlib style Google Forms activity

What do you have on your mind, what do you need support with? Let's chat, look at lesson upgrades, or let me help you with how to use a particular product.

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