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Saturday 5/29

Office Hours: Coding Google Calendar

Saturday Google Meet starts 5/29/2021, 1:00:00 PM PST

Let’s code Google Calendar with Google Apps Script. This will be interactive, you will write lines of code for calendar! It is assumed you have either done a tiny bit of Google Apps Script (you know what a variable is and some basic building blocks). If you know no Google Apps Script that is okay but we will not be covering basic basics in this session.

Thursday 6/3

Office Hours: 1 hour

Thursday Google Meet starts 6/3/2021, 8:00:00 AM PST

Come hang out with Alice Keeler. What do you want to know or brainstorm?

Webinar: Basics of Coding Google Apps Script

Thursday Google Meet starts 6/3/2021, 1:00:00 PM PSTThis workshop will be NINETY MINUTES. This will get you familiar with the basics of coding Google Apps Script. An idea of what you can code in Google Apps Script. We will look at unbounded scripts at http://script.google.com and bounded scripts by going to the Tools menu and choosing “Script editor” to code the particular Google Docs/Sheets/Slides

Saturday 6/5

Webinar: Let’s Jam

Saturday Google Meet starts 6/5/2021, 9:00:00 AM PST

Basics of Google Jamboard. My new book Teaching with Google Jamboard just came out. We will take a look at the format of the book and go over some ideas for getting into using Google Jamboard Whiteboarding tool.

Come check out my new book “Teaching with Google Jamboard” on Amazon!

Webinar: Google Classroom Data: Schoolytics

Saturday Google Meet starts 6/5/2021, 2:00:00 PM PST

This webinar will help you to get started with your http://schoolytics.io FREE Teacher Account. Let’s see some basics on how to drill down to look at your assignments from this last year and how you can use Schoolytics to help be more data driven next year.

Sunday 6/6

Office Hours: 1 Hour

Sunday Google Meet starts 6/6/2021, 12:15:00 PM PSTOffice Hours. Drop in to chat about Google Jamboard, Google Classroom, Screencastify, http://schoolytics.io, Coding Google Apps Script, or whatever you want!

Tuesday 6/8

Webinar: Cleaning Up Your Google Classroom to be Ready for Next Year

Tuesday Google Meet starts 6/8/2021, 12:00:00 PM PST

This is a free workshop open to any educator. It will require that you register on the TEQ/OTIS Website. https://www.teq.com/events/learn-google-classroom-strategies-straight-from-alice-keeler 

The best way to be ready for Fall is to clean up your Google Classroom now so you do not have to worry about it later. This session will provide you with practical tips on how to manage your current Google Classroom to help you be ready to use Google Classroom in the Fall, including tips for cleaning up Google Drive, saving your student work exemplars, and lessons learned for how to better structure Google Classroom for next year.

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