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Teaching with iPad

iPad for Algebra Teachers Resources

  This week I was working with middle school algebra teachers who all received iPads. Below is the spreadsheet of some sample apps I put together. The second tab has some resources for them to check out.  

More note taking in the iPad

Especially for Geometry I am enjoying not having to wait for students to copy down the question. Students are able to take a picture of the image on the board and then start annotating it in almost any drawing app for the iPad.

iPad Stylus

When I got the iPad 1 when it first came out I had obtained a couple of stylus’. The first one had a foam tip and was definitely not more accurate than my finger. I gave it away. I later got a stylus with a rubber tip which I liked a little better but it obviously did not flow smoothly… Read More »iPad Stylus

Graphing on the iPad

Want a fun way for students to graph? Try using Doodle Buddy or really any of the million drawing apps available for the iPad. Start by going to google images and typing in graph paper. Find a grid that you like, hold your finger down on the image and save the image. In the drawing program insert the graph paper as… Read More »Graphing on the iPad

Note Taking on the iPad

Recently my school did a roll out of 1-1 iPads. It has some challenges, but overall has been great. One strategy I like to utilize is having stations, one station is where I work with a small group of students and rotate them all through during the period. I posted on my website a Google Presentation The students were able… Read More »Note Taking on the iPad

iPad Student Screencasting

So students have an iPad…. or maybe just the teacher has one.  Now what? How about having students use the iPad and the free Showme app or the feature rich Explain Everything app to explain what they are learning.  These create a video, capturing the student’s voice, of the student writing on the screen. Advantages: You know the student did… Read More »iPad Student Screencasting

WordPress and the iPad

I have been using the WordPress App for the iPad and really enjoy using it.  I use it for 2 things 1) FAQ website for my students and 2) Student digital portfolios. I created a free wordpress account on www.wordpress.com and posted the link on my class website. I love that I can take pictures with my iPad (or iPhone)… Read More »WordPress and the iPad

Teaching with iPad

Last Monday I lead a training in Hollywood for how to use your iPad to teach math. The assumption was that the teacher had an iPad and the students did not. This has been my reality ever since the iPad came out, I got the iPad 1 the first day it came out. Just yesterday all the students at my… Read More »Teaching with iPad