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Android: On Tap to Take a Screenshot

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If you have an Android device you may have the feature “On Tap” available to you. Hold down the home button to activate On Tap. Google reads the information displayed on the screen and provides you options for more information. You can do this in any app. Try holding down the Home button to see what Google might suggest. Screenshots To take… Read More »Android: On Tap to Take a Screenshot

My Tablet Charging Station: Aleratec

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I have been using the Aleratec charging station for almost a year. This has been a great tool for charging all of my devices. What is nice is that it is a small box that can be placed anywhere. I love how non bulky the Aleratec is yet still incredibly powerful. Optional tablet stands are available to hold a total of 10… Read More »My Tablet Charging Station: Aleratec

iPad for Algebra Teachers Resources

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  This week I was working with middle school algebra teachers who all received iPads. Below is the spreadsheet of some sample apps I put together. The second tab has some resources for them to check out.  

Blek Game – Learn by Failure

Recently I downloaded the Blek game onto my iOS device (android is coming). I have really enjoyed playing this game due to it’s unique gameplay. The objective is to draw a pattern with an ink line and to hit all of the colored dots. The pattern you draw loops infinitely. The line will bounce off of the sides. The top… Read More »Blek Game – Learn by Failure

iPad Keyboard Tips

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Keyboard Tips for the iPad Split the Keyboard Split the Keyboard by placing your thumbs in the middle of the on screen keyboard and pulling your thumbs toward the edge of the iPad. You are making contact with the iPad the whole time. You can move the keyboard up and down by holding your finger in the bottom right hand… Read More »iPad Keyboard Tips

Using the Kindle App

  I have found that it is cheaper to purchase books through the Kindle bookstore rather than iBooks. I also have multiple devices including a Nexus 10 tablet and a Nexus 7 tablet. By purchasing books on Kindle I can access the books on my iPad, Nexus devices and the web. While reading on the tablet I am able to… Read More »Using the Kindle App

Google Play For Education – Let’s Create

Today Google launched Google Play for Education. This is a project I have been eagerly anticipating coming out. I was very privileged to work with CUE and a team of amazing educators who have spent hours and hours reviewing apps to find apps they would recommend for fellow educators. These recommended apps have been compiled in the Google Play for… Read More »Google Play For Education – Let’s Create