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3 Content Makers You Need To Follow

Melody McAllister shares her weekly three things that caught her attention from educators creating content on social media. This week she highlights Hedreich Nichols, Jillian DuBois, and the themerrillsedu.

THE Book for Every Child

Melody McAllister writes a book review for Strum & the Wild Turkeys by Noa Daniel.
“Every child, make that every person, should be celebrated for their unique abilities. As educators and parents we know how important that connection and confidence is as young people grow up. This book is for all year, for every child, and my family gives it five stars!”

Celebrate Womens History Month with Canva

Guest Post by Melody McAllister Women’s History Month Are you so excited to spend the next month learning even more about the contributions to our society by women? As a mother, educator, author, Logistics Manager, social media consultant, and woman, I find myself surrounded by incredible women who truly leave me in awe! Because of my work with EduMatch Publishing… Read More »Celebrate Womens History Month with Canva

Coffee with Kim Bearden & Alice Keeler & Melody McAllister

We had a wonderful guest this week Kim Bearden who is super fun, has great hair, and a real passion for students and educators. You might already know her as the Co-Founder and Executive Director of The Ron Clark Academy. She also teaches ELA everyday and shares about her experiences in remote teaching and welcoming students back to RCA this… Read More »Coffee with Kim Bearden & Alice Keeler & Melody McAllister