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Paperless Is Not a Pedagogy

Alice Keeler

Share a Copy by AliceKeeler

Share a Copy by AliceKeeler

Distribute copies of a Google Drive™ file to multiple people by having them fill out a basic Form™. Organize the copies in a folder in Google Drive™.

You have a template document in Google Drive™. You need others to make a copy and share it back with you … which results in a disorganized mess and having to chase down people who didn’t actually share it back with you.

Share a Copy by AliceKeeler allows you to create a copy of a file for anyone who fills out the a Google Form™ and shares the file. The file is organized in a folder in Google Drive™. This gives you all of the copies organized in a single folder in your Google Drive™.

Share a Copy by AliceKeeler is a Google Forms™ Add-on.

  1. Start a new Google Form™
  2. Use the Add-on puzzle piece to choose “Share a Copy by AliceKeeler.”
  3. Select setup
  4. You are prompted to paste the URL link to the file in your Google Drive™.
  5. A folder is created in Google Drive™ to collect copies of the file.
  6. Share the Google Form™.
  7. Upon Form™ submission, the file is copied and organized in your Google Drive™ folder. The file is shared with the respondent giving them edit access.

The Add-on collects no user data. No PII. It is FERPA and COPPA compliant.

Privacy Policy

Terms of Service

Why DriveApp Permissions?

First, AliceKeeler LLC does NOT have any access to any of your files. Nor does anyone else through this Add-on. We collect NO USER DATA!! No PII.

Unfortunately, in order to create a folder in Google Drive™ the oAuth scope permission that I must ask for is DriveApp.
DriveApp.file works for creating Google Docs™ and other files, but sadly not folders.

THE ONLY reason we need DriveApp oAuth permissions is to generate a folder in Google Drive™ for the file you indicated you want replicated on Form™ submission.

Why Trust Alice Keeler?

Hi, I’m Alice Keeler. I am a fully credentialed classroom teacher, a mom of 5, a Google Certified Innovator, and a Google Developer Expert. I have spent most of my teaching career creating resources to support teachers. My blog alicekeeler.com has been in existence for over 10 years. I am not a random person from the Internet. I hope that with all my work I have done in the field of education since 1999 that I have earned the trust of educators everywhere. I have worked too hard to build my reputation as a trusted member of the education community to want to jeopardize that trust with a sketchy Add-on. I create Add-ons to support educators to help them be more efficient and more student centered. I am always mindful of educator privacy and definitely student privacy.

Following API Guidelines

Please refer to the Google API Services User Data Policy.

I comply with this policy since I collect NO USER DATA.

Share a Copy by AliceKeeler accesses your Google Drive™ to create a folder in Drive. The Add-on does NOT pass any of this information back to anyone.

Alice Keeler - Paperless Is Not a Pedagogy

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