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Show Your Work is Obsolete

Online Workshop

This workshop takes place in Google Classroom. It is 6 weeks and interactive. As a member you will have access to the join code when the workshop is active.

Apps like Photomath, Wolfram Alpha, and Purple Math will not only provide students with the answers to math problems but show the steps. Back in the day math classes taught high school students how to calculate the square root by hand (there is an algorithm for that!) but once calculators came along it made the need to calculate square roots manually obsolete. THANK GOODNESS! Instead of spending class time calculating out the square root students can quickly obtain the square root and use the results to do more complicated mathematical reasoning. Let’s admit that apps such as Photomath have made the math classroom staple of show your work obsolete! Excellent! If a robot can do it, this is evidence that it was a low critical thinking task. Let’s replace DOK 1 math calculations with higher critical thinking. Show your work is OUT, Show your THINKING is in! 

This workshop shows you a process for using Google Slides to have students show their thinking to figure out math problems. This is a unique approach to solving a math problem and an innovative use of Google Slides.

Note that while this workshop uses Google Slides as the medium, most any presentation tool can accomplish the same thing. 

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