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Coding Google Sheets

Online Workshop

This workshop takes place in Google Classroom. It is 6 weeks and interactive. As a member you will have access to the join code when the workshop is active.

Use Google Apps Script to code Google Sheets spreadsheets! This workshop is not for those who are new to Google Sheets or coding Google Apps Script. I do assume you have some familiarity with Google Sheets and have done some coding in Google Apps Script… or that you have a lot of grit and a good attitude. This workshop covers 6 ways to enhance your use of Google Sheets by kicking it up a notch with code!

Note: This workshop is focused on solutions for teachers. It is not intended to provide lessons for you to do with students on coding. 

MORE THAN AN HOUR CAUTION: Once you get past the basics of coding it is not possible for me guarantee you only spend an hour a week as is typical of the Go Slow Workshop. If you just copy verbatim the code I give you then yes, should take less than an hour. However, the debugging process can take time as you search for why your code is not working. It’s probably a typo and you have to find that typo. I swear that is the fun part of coding! When your code does not work and you have to figure out how to make it work. FIST PUMP!

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