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Collaborative Activities Using G Suite

Drip E-mail Workshop

Drip workshops are Go Slow Workshops via email. This will allow you to start the workshop at any time. You will immediately receive an email with instructions. Typically the drip emails are once a week unless otherwise stated.

WARNING: This workshop is highly collaborative! The idea of the Go Slow Workshop is to experience the activity as a student. Then get the directions for how to try it yourself, report back and get feedback. Then learn the next new thing instead of cramming all the instruction into a 6 hour drink with a firehose PD. Normally it is okay to lurk in a workshop but this diminishes the experience for the other workshop participants. Please try to at least participate in the weekly collaborative activity even if you choose to skip any of the other assignments and activities.

This 6 week workshop is for users of G Suite who want to learn some activity ideas to use with students that take advantage of the collaborative features of G Suite.

Note: For this workshop you will sign up for a Collaborative Learning Group where your group will pick a time each week to do a quick collaboration.

Online Go Slow Workshops are available through the Premium Membership

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Workshops offered

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