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Coding Google Apps Script Bootcamp

Drip E-mail Workshop

Drip workshops are Go Slow Workshops via email. This will allow you to start the workshop at any time. You will immediately receive an email with instructions. Typically the drip emails are once a week unless otherwise stated.

Over the holidays I did a 3 day coding Google Apps Script Bootcamp. Coding will save you hours and increase what you can do to engage with students and give feedback. I am working on taking the bootcamp and making it a Drip workshop. This gives you a refresher a day of things you an do with Google Apps Script to code Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms. Along with bonus information not presented in the bootcamp. 

CAUTION: Alice can NOT review or debug your code. Part of the fun of coding is figuring out why it didn’t work. Please do not expect to share your code and ask “why is this not working.”

Online Go Slow Workshops are available through the Premium Membership

Workshops offered of a variety of topics and levels

Workshops offered

Get expert support from Alice as you learn and impliment ideas and tricks

Content at your own pace, about 1 hour of content per week

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