Better Progress Reports Webinar
Free OTIS Webinar: Better Progress Reports

Join Alice Keeler December 9th, or watch the recording afterwards, for a FREE OTIS webinar on better progress reports in Google Classroom.

Google Jamboard: Bring It UP

A key element of Google Jamboard is the ability to add sticky notes to share ideas. However, layers in Jamboard will hide content. Knowing how to alternate what order elements on the Jam are in provid…

3 Google Sites Things to Try

Google Sites is a great way to provide students tutorial documents. Try these 3 features to customize your Google Sites pages.

How to Create Google Slides Games

Free Game templates for Google Slides that use Dice. Install Dice Slides by Schoolytics to have Google Dice.

Connect Your Class to Formative

Easily create formative assessments digitally with Sync your Google accounts to Formative.

How To Make a Form from Google Sheets

The menu options have changed. You can still create a Google Form from a spreadsheet.

FASTER! Reuse Google Classroom Assignments

Reuse assignments into Google Classroom FASTER! Try using the new home page of to reuse assignments.

6 Chrome Extensions for Teachers

Increase your productivity with these 6 Google Chrome extensions for teachers.

How to Use the New Google Sheets Extensions Menu

The menus have changed for Google Sheets. There is a new Extensions menu and the Add-on menu is OUT.

See Changes in Drive Files and Folders

Once edits have been made to documents in Google Drive how do you know it?

Google Slides on the Go

Using Google Slides? You can also use it on Mobile devices. Get the app on your phone and create and edit ON THE GO

At Your Google Doc

New feature in Google Docs let’s you get at the features quickly!

Vocabulary Sort in Google Slides
Vocabulary Sort with Google Slides

Sort vocabulary words in Google Slides with this Free Add-on to take your list from Google Docs to individual text boxes in Google Slides.

4 Things to Check in Google Contacts

I bet you have not checked out Google Contacts in awhile. It is streamlined and has some great features worth checking out.

Poster – Google Keep Keyboard Shortcuts

Print out this keyboard shortcuts poster for Google Keep to help you Keep your ideas even faster

Embedding a Google Form In CANVAS LMS

Use the Canvas LMS to embed Google Forms.

Google Classroom folder in Drive with Alice Keeler
Understanding the Google Classroom Folder in Drive

Google Classroom helps you to manage files in Google Drive. It keeps student work from floating freely around Google Drive by creating folders for Google Classroom, each class, and each assignment in …

Seating Chart Slides by Schoolytics

Create a seating chart in Google Slides by importing your roster from a Google Doc. This free Add-on Seating Chart Slides by Schoolytics automates this.

Trigger An Action from Google Sheets

Automate tasks you do in Google Sheets, Docs, Slides, Forms, etc… Setting a trigger is the easy part!

3 Settings to Try in Google Sites

Google Sites are super easy websites to make. Check out these 3 settings that will help you to make your website awesome.

12 Things to Start with in Google Classroom

12 things to get started with using Google Classroom.

Google Classroom Challenge
Google Classroom: EdTech Challenge

Create a Google Classroom for other teachers to join with short challenges. Student View of Google Classroom One of the things that can be a little confusing about Google Classroom is that the teacher…

Engage Students with Google Jamboard

Get started using Google Jamboard to increase student engagement.

Spooky Stories & Creative Writing

Educator, Melody McAllister, shares reading and writing activities to follow up two spooky short stories read by author, Jeff Szpirglas.

5 Podcasts for Middle Schoolers

Melody McAllister, Community Facilitator for AK Teacher Tech on Facebook, shares five, FREE podcasts that were recommended by amazing middle school teachers!

How to Edit a Google Form

How to edit a Google Form. You’ve made a Google Form… now how do you go back and make changes?

EASIER – Reuse Google Classroom Assignments

EASIER to reuse Google Classroom assignments by using the Schoolytics Content Library.

Four Books that Include & Engage Learners 

Educator, Melody McAllister, shares four books and their authors who will help your classroom be more inclusive with all learners and engage learners! Every book shared also includes FREE Resources to…

Shifting the TikTok Trend: Students Have the Power! 

Eductor and Leader, Carly Spina, shares a resource to counteract the latest TikTok trends and a way to help students use social media in positive ways. FREE RESOURCES included!

Share Feedback with a Screenshot

Easily give feedback with a screenshot using the QuickShare Screenshot Chrome extension by Alice Keeler