How To Become An Android Developer

ANDROID developer Aida Issayeva shares her knowledge on how to become an apps developer. Register for this free webinar.

Do Not Copy Google Forms – Reuse Them

Reuse Google Forms instead of copy them! Keep your Google Drive clean from Forms of the same title.

Be Careful – Sharing Google Forms

Be careful sharing Google Forms with teachers and collaborators. They do not work quite the same as Google Docs.

DISABLE – Turn Off Save Form Progress

Turn OFF the default autosave feature in Google Forms.

Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Free poster of Keyboard Shortcuts for Chromebooks.

Google Classroom: Parent/Guardian FAQ

Google Classroom: Printable FAQ Guide for Parents & Guardians

Spark Student Creativity And Build Critical Skills With Adobe Spark + Google Classroom

Adobe for Education provides Adobe Spark for FREE to build student creativity.

3 Reasons You Need to Follow Rachelle Dene Poth (@Rdene915)

Melody McAllister shares her top three reasons you need to be following educator and leader, Rachelle Dene Poth! Rachelle is an educator who regularly shares with other educators how to integrate edte…

3 Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts for Chrome

Keyboard shortcuts help you save a lot of time in your day. Control L I use this a LOT! When I want to share a website I use Control L to highlight the URL and then Control C to copy the web address. …

Google Classroom: 5 Things to Do with

Google Classroom users can do more by using a free teacher account for

Free – Randomize Google Slides Add-on

Randomize Google Slides sponsored by Schoolytics allows you to easily shuffle the slide order in any Google Slides.

Google Classroom Student View

Images from the student point of view in Google Classroom to use in materials

Google Classroom Parent/Guardian Guide

Free Guardian Guide to Google Classroom created by Schoolytics

10 Steps to Using Google Docs

10 steps to get started using Google Docs.

Chrome warning
Google Chrome: Show Warning Before Quitting

Do not accidentally close your Google Chrome. Change the settings to give you a warning.

Magic! Automatic Daily Agenda Google Slides

Automatically have a daily agenda slide added to a Google Slides.

Measuring Student Engagement in Google Classroom

Are you measuring engagement or compliance? Either way, what information can we get from Google Classroom to help us better engage students.

Mergo – FREE for the DISTRICT – Mail Merge

Mergo Add on to send mail merge from Gmail out of Google Sheets

5 Strategies To Support Struggling Students

Marcia Carrillo, Teacher Mentor, shares five strategies to support struggling students and how to grade with GRACE.

ELA – 4 Google Sheets Essential Skills

ELA teachers here are 4 tips to help you love spreadsheets for your class.

3 Tips to Get Back To Classroom

Educator Melody McAllister shares 3 tips to get the support you need to start fresh this school year. She also invites you to the Back To Classroom Community!

Do More with Google Classroom Data

Google Classroom data helps us to help more students from falling through the cracks.

Gorman Style Beets in the Air Fryer

This is a food post, no application to teaching. I love to cook in the air fryer and in the instant pot. If I have enough people ask me for a recipe I am happy to share!! Gorman Style This is named af…

FREE Teaching With Google Jamboard Course!

Sign up for Alice Keeler’s FREE Course with Otis for Educators: Teaching with Google Jamboard and have Jams you can immediately implement!

Create, Group, Discuss with Flipgrid!

Teacher Mentor, Marcia Carillo, shows how to create groups to start student discussion using Flipgrid~

Go Back To School With Flocabulary

Melody McAllister invites you to check out Flocabulary by Nearpod to ramp up your students academic vocabulary this year!

No Clicks Necessary in Canvas LMS

Teacher Mentor Marcia Carrillo shares her FREE Webinar and Slides on how to create pages & assignments using Canvas LMS!

Virtual School Clubs Using Google Classroom

Melody McAllister shares how usinig Google Classroom to start up virtual clubs could help grow school communities!

PDF to Google Forms – Upgrade Your Worksheet

Turn a PDF into a Google Form

Going Back to School with Google Forms

USE GOOGLE FORMS! Forms can save you time, inform you of what to do next based on formative assessment, and can improve learning. On Tuesday August 17th, 2021 I will be doing a FREE webinar with OTIS …