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Missing From the Form. Identify who did NOT fill out the Google Form™.

The Missing From Add-on by Alice Keeler helps you to identify who is missing from filling out the Google Form. Insert a sheet into the Form Responses spreadsheet from a Google Form™ with a list of who is expected to fill out the Form. Note that this Add-on matches email addresses. You will need to have a column labeled “email” in the sheet that contains the full list of expected participants. Additionally, the tab with Form responses needs to start with the word “Form.”

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Missing From by Alice Keeler is a Google Sheets™ Add-on. It does NOT access your Google Forms™.

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Note that this Add-on does NOT allow AliceKeeler LLC or any party to access any of your Google Sheets™ or Google Forms™ data or any other Google Workspace Apps. This is a paid Add-on and thus requires storage of subscription information only. Name, email address, and subscription status are the only data points available to the developer.

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