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Logging Into Microsoft 365

  If you are not familiar with Microsoft 365, it is a version of Microsoft Office. The advantage to using this particular Office product is the cloud capabilities. You are able to edit your Word, PowerPoint, OneNote or Excel files on multiple devices. You are also able to collaborate in real time on the files. Log In If your district… Read More »Logging Into Microsoft 365

Saving Files in the Cloud

If you are using Google Docs or Microsoft SkyDrive saving your files has become incredibly easy. There is NO save button. All of your edits are automatically saved. All of those times you’ve typed a 3 page paper and something happened… poof, you lost your work… GONE! All of those misplaced thumb drives or CD’s, not an issue anymore. Simply… Read More »Saving Files in the Cloud

Navigation in Microsoft 365 SkyDrive

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License Attribution (cc) Some rights reserved by Tom Verre I noticed that SkyDrive does not have breadcrumbs to help me navigate. Breadcrumbs are links, usually along the top of a webpage, that show you where you have been on the website to help you to more easily navigate your way back. (These are in reference to the story of Hansel… Read More »Navigation in Microsoft 365 SkyDrive

Creating and Deleting a Folder in Microsoft 365 SkyDrive

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If your school is using Microsoft 365 I highly encourage you to start all of your documents in SkyDrive. One neat feature about 365 is the ability to work in the cloud or on the desktop version of Microsoft Office. Go to http://portal.microsoftonline.com to create or find your documents. Make sure you are in SkyDrive, this is located along the top… Read More »Creating and Deleting a Folder in Microsoft 365 SkyDrive