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Microsoft Stream Securely Store Videos

Securely Share Videos with Microsoft Stream

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Microsoft Stream is available for O365 subscribers. Stream is a place to store and upload your videos when YouTube is not a good solution. Stream videos are by default private to the school (organization). Microsoft Teams Meeting recordings are automatically saved to Microsoft Stream. Videos for students are ad free and free from video suggestions at the end of the… Read More »Securely Share Videos with Microsoft Stream

Default View Attachments

NEW in Teams – Attachments are View by Default

Digital is different, we don’t replace the copy machine with digital copies. In fact, I try to avoid like the plague assigning myself digital paperwork. Before today the default when you added documents to an assignment in Microsoft Teams was “Students edit their own copy.” I definitely use this sometimes. But not all the time and not even half the… Read More »NEW in Teams – Attachments are View by Default

Screen Record flipgrid

Flipgrid – See Your Students and Share

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Flipgrid is awesome and it keeps getting awesomer!! Flipgrid is DESIGNED for schools. It is not a corporate product hacked for classroom use. Flipgrid is designed for student voice and engagement. SCREEN RECORDING was just added to the the options of ways students can share their learning. 3 Dots While firing up to record a Flipgrid response, click on the… Read More »Flipgrid – See Your Students and Share

Microsoft Teams Meeting: Setting Students as Attendees

By default when you add participants to a Teams Meeting they are added as presenters. This poses an issue since students can mute each other, remove each other from the Meeting and stop the recording. Use Calendar When creating a Meeting with your students go to Calendar in Microsoft Teams. Set the date and time. Choose the channel you want… Read More »Microsoft Teams Meeting: Setting Students as Attendees

Get Started with Microsoft Teams

Get Started with Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams is the perfect tool for learning be it in person or remote. If your school is using Office 365 get started with interacting with your students through Teams. Teams allows you to create assignments, give feedback, see student work BEFORE they submit and after, give a score, and most importantly to connect and interact with your students. In… Read More »Get Started with Microsoft Teams

Why O365 Immersive Reader

Why O365… Because Immersive Reader

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Immersive Reader Helps Our Struggling Students Google has awesome tools. Microsoft has awesome tools. Both are free. Why not set up both accounts to take advantage of the best innovation to help our students. Right now, Immersive Reader is a big deal for helping our students. Immersive Reader is a free tool that uses proven techniques to improve reading for… Read More »Why O365… Because Immersive Reader

5 Things to check out in Word Online

5 Things to Try in Word Online

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Try Using Word Online If your school uses O365 then Word is one of your available tools for teaching. While in general I would like to encourage you to use anything else besides a text document, constraints force creativity, here are 5 things worth checking out in Word Online 1) Editor This is a new feature so if you don’t… Read More »5 Things to Try in Word Online

4 things to check out microsoftedu

4 Things to Know About #MicrosoftEDU

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What is Microsoft Doing in Education? What does Microsoft offer for education? Lots! Here are a few things to know. 1) Microsoft Teams Teams is often referred to as a Slack alternative for businesses. What gets overlooked is that EDU accounts have an assignments portion. Go to office.com and click on Teams. You can also get there directly at teams.microsoft.com.… Read More »4 Things to Know About #MicrosoftEDU

Create Channels in Microsoft Teams

Teams: Adding Channels

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Add Channels to Your Microsoft Teams Class Microsoft Teams is how you communicate digitally with your class. In your Teams app set up a class and start sharing information and assigning work. Channels “Channels are dedicated sections within a team to keep conversations organized by specific topics, projects, disciplines” Click on the 3 dots next to the class title to… Read More »Teams: Adding Channels

Microsoft teams add a file

Microsoft Teams: Add a File

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Add a File to a Microsoft Teams Assignment When creating assignments in Microsoft Teams you can add a file, such as PowerPoint. No kidding you’re thinking. BUT WAIT! Here is a feature I have always wanted, I can add a blank file from scratch! Add Resources When creating an assignment, click on “Create resources” underneath the instructions box. New File… Read More »Microsoft Teams: Add a File

Feedback in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Feedback Box

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Expand the Feedback Box I had completely forgotten I had chatted with the Microsoft Teams team awhile time back. Recently, I made a blog post on 5 things I Like About Microsoft Teams. One of the things I mentioned was how easy it was to give feedback from the roster in an assignment. Turns out this was my idea ๐Ÿ™‚… Read More »Microsoft Teams Feedback Box

Assigning to SOME Students

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Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams Select Students The default when creating an assignment in Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams is that it is assigned to all students. However you can differentiate assignments by deselecting certain students. When I have a student who needs modified directions I will create an assignment for the class and NOT assign it to the particular… Read More »Assigning to SOME Students